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Exodus continues the story of God's people begun in Genesis. Jacob's family has settled in Egypt, where they have eventually prospered. Fearing the growing number of Hebrews in his kingdom, a new Egyptian king forces them into slave labor. Moses, the Israelite leader chosen by God, confronts the Egyptian king and demands freedom for the Hebrew people. God helps Moses win freedom for the people and lead them safely out of Egypt. On their way back to the land God promised to Abraham, God appears to Moses on Mount Sinai and gives him the Law, instructions that the people are to live by. An entire generation of Israelites do not accept the Law, but God remains faithful to them nonetheless, protecting them as they journey through the desert and preparing the way for the fulfillment of his promise in future generations. Although Exodus is full of human drama, God stands above the characters and guides their story to his purpose. In this book, we see the power and mercy of God, who acts as rescuer, teacher, and protector.


Moses Leads the People Out of Egypt (1.1—13.16)

Moses Leads the People in the Desert (13.17—18.27)

Moses and the People of Israel at Mount Sinai (19.1—40.38)