We join together with Dr. Subramani in thanking God as he celebrates the conferment of the Doctoral Degree in Old Testament. Dr. Subramani has studied the book of Hosea using Socio-Rhetorical method of reading for the research Degree.

Dr. Subramani is thankful to the BSI, Dr. Mani Chacko, General Secretary, BSI and the officers of the BSI for the support for his study program. “ God has made this possible and I thank the entire BSI family for their prayers and support”. Dr. Subramani is particularly thankful to Dr. Mani Chacko for his support and guidance. “ Dr. Mani Chacko has been my teacher, mentor, a guru and he has played a significant role in this journey ”, he says.

Dr. Subramani joined the BSI in 2001 and currently works as the Assistant Director, Translations. He is thankful to God for the privilege to work with BSI. “ I consider working with BSI as a blessing and a God-given privilege”, he says. Dr. Subramani is currently the translations consultant for several Translations projects with the BSI such as Ho Odia, Badri, Hadoththi, Irula, Pania, Thoda, Gondi Betul, Santhali, Baduga, Saurashtra and Kharia. He is busy with exegetical checking of Hadoththi, Santhali and Saurashtra.


Dr. Subramani’s passion is Bible Translations. He says, “ I want to see God’s Word reaching different people groups in their heart language”. We thank God for his life and wish him all God’s blessings in all his endeavours, and particularly Bible Translations projects.